Better Diary

  • Timeline

    Follow your journal in the chronological order.

  • Calendar views

    A marvellous interactive visualization of your past.

  • Atlas

    Visualize stories as you traveled.

  • Circle

    Make it easy to cowrite journal with close friends or family members.

  • Photos

    Capture wonderful moments they happen with a simple shot.

  • Location

    Locations are automatically set with device GPS or Google Places.

  • Weather

    Remember the context of your day's entries with temperature and weather conditions.

  • Styling Text

    Styling paragraphs with HTML editor, custom font faces, themes, inline photos and videos.

  • Passcode lock

    Keep your journal private by adding a password.

  • Fast sync

    Your data syncs immediately. Available on the go.

  • Auto backups

    Rest assured your stories are backed up and safe and easy to restore later.

  • Reminders

    Make journaling a habit with daily reminders.

Better Diary

Create moments in life with photos, video and styled paragraphs.

Sync on the go and across devices, immediately.

Cowrite and share best memories with close friends and family members.